He asked me: "why wouldn't she wants you?"
But I didn't answer,
 I was too ashamed to admit I think she deserves better.
I couldn't say how I think she would never feels the way I do. 
She couldn't sees me as I see her.
Because she is so deep and so full of things to figure out and I'm so hollow, 
without no good to offer.
 And I don't want that to her.

I don't deserve her. 

I couldn't tell him that.
"None of those girls wouldn't want to be with you" he said;
It felt good to hear this but also seemed a lie.
I still not able to understand what do they see when they look at me, 
what do they think about me.

I still seen no reason for someone to like me.

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Metas 2015

  • Fazer 4 tatuagens.
  • Emagrecer.
  • Dar início ao projeto da minha linha de lingerie.
  • Conhecer pessoas.
  • Conhecer a mim mesma.
  • Aprender a desenhar.
  • Aprender a costurar.